What Are the Benefits of Buying Natural Yarn in Bulk?

by | Jun 25, 2023 | News

You’re working on a project and suddenly you’re out of the yarn you need. You hop online or go to your favorite store—and you can’t find it! Suddenly your project is put on hold until you can figure out a solution. Or worse, you have to scrap the whole thing.

Nearly every crafter out there has experienced this tragedy and has kicked themselves for not stocking up. That’s where buying bulk yarn offers some serious advantages.  

What is Bulk Yarn?

Buying yarn in bulk simply means you’re purchasing it in a larger volume. Meridian Millhouse offers our customers this option on nearly every yarn we have available. That means you can purchase our natural yarns as a single skein, a 10-pack of skeins, or on large cones. The large cones offer the best pricing per foot, along with other advantages. More on that below.

Benefits of Buying Bulk Yarn

There are a variety of benefits to buying yarn in bulk. But, first, let’s explore why you may want to buy in larger quantities in the first place. 

Fiber artists and crafters often buy bulk yarn for a few important reasons. Primarily it’s about not running out of your favorite fibers or colors at a critical moment that spells disaster for your project. Plus, having your favorites on hand is a great way to remain focused on the work versus sourcing and pricing materials.

Other reasons to stock up? Buying bulk drives down your material costs—which can add up, especially if you’re an avid enthusiast. And, buying bulk yarn also means fewer hassles while you’re working. 

Saves Money

Like countless other products, buying yarn in bulk has big bottom-line benefits. Typically yarn suppliers reward high-volume purchases because it requires less heavy lifting to manage and sell the inventory on their end. In some cases, you can even obtain wholesale rates when you purchase larger quantities. 

Color Consistency

This is a big one—color consistency. Colors can vary between dye lots for reasons even the best in the industry can’t control. That said, if you need the exact same color, buy in bulk to help ensure consistency. 

Fewer Yarn Ends

When you buy bulk yarn, you’re buying larger amounts that are uncut. That means fewer ends to manage in the course of your project, which makes the experience even more enjoyable. You can work with one strand until you have to cut or your project is where you want to end up.

Continuous Thread

The yarn is more likely to be one continuous thread when you buy in bulk. That means you can expect fewer (or no) knots and fewer yarn joins—and again, less need for weaving in ends. 

Natural Bulk Yarn Supplies From Meridian Mill House

Meridian Mill House offers wholesale prices to anyone with a resale certificate. Our bulk discounts begin at 10 kilograms of skein yarn. Discounts are automatically applied to your shopping cart based on the total quantities (all yarns) ordered at one time. 5% on 10-15 kilos, 8% on 16-30 kilos, 10% 31-50 kilos, 12% on 51-75 kilos, 15% on 76-100 kilos. (Contact us to discuss potential discounts over 100 kilos.)

Are you looking to purchase bulk cone yarn? Please contact us online or reach out for bulk discounts on cones.

Hannah Everhart


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