Explore the Perks of Buying American-Made Wholesale Yarn

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Most of us in America know that buying American-made products by our citizens comes with valuable benefits. But, when it comes to buying high-quality, versatile yarn with all the desired properties, no one gets it done quite like Americans. That’s because our country has a long and storied history in both agriculture and the textile industry.


What Makes Yarn ‘American Made’?

Quite simply, American-made yarn contains fibers grown or cultivated in the United States. It also means it is processed and spun into the finished yarn product by U.S. companies. What’s interesting to note is that many American textile companies were nearly put out of business. And not too long ago, you’d be hard-pressed to find American-made yarn at a reasonable price point here in the United States.

True, textile manufacturing in the U.S. dropped in the 1990s and 2000s as cheaper labor drew jobs overseas. That nearly took the U.S. textile industry off the map, but fortunately, there’s been a significant comeback. Many of the companies rooted in the industry were able to hang on and bring it back to its former glory. Now, you can freely buy competitively priced yarn that is made in America.


Benefits of Buying American-Made Yarn

Why buy American-made yarn versus options available from other countries? There are many reasons crafters and fiber artists prefer the products created right here in the U.S.


Boosts Our Economy

Any time Americans choose to buy American-made products, we’re keeping more money within the U.S. economy. It doesn’t take an economics expert to realize keeping more money here at home has serious benefits—more jobs, more community prosperity, and more security, to name a few. Buying American-made supports American farmers, textile manufacturers, and retailers.


High-Quality Products

If you put aside the economic benefits, the next question that comes to mind: is the product as good as that made outside of the U.S.? The answer is a resounding, yes! Yarn made in the U.S. is incredibly high quality and versatile, that’s why so many crafters prefer to buy American-made. Remember, we have a long history in textiles here in the U.S., and when the industry was reborn, it became even bigger and better.


Enhanced Customer Care

When you purchase yarn that’s made in America, you’re often working with people who share your avid enthusiasm for the craft. Our entire team at Meridian Millhouse cares about our customers, and we’re passionate about making sure our customers find exactly what they’re looking for—whether it’s one skein or a large-scale wholesale yarn purchase. Expect to work with enthusiastic people who are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you have an outstanding experience.


Benefits the Environment

Another key benefit of buying American-made products is that it puts less stress on our environment. Anytime products have to be shipped from other countries, there are significant carbon emissions. Buying locally means a product doesn’t have to be sent over thousands of miles via air, land, and sea. That’s why it’s a better choice for our environment.


Local American-Made Yarn From Meridian Yarn Group

At Meridian Yarn Group, we offer an impressive range of American-made yarns. Whenever possible, we source materials from U.S. suppliers, offering our customers U.S.-grown and U.S.-spun products. Explore our full line of natural fiber yarns online or reach out to let us know what else you’d like to see in our shop.

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