Belmont – Irresistible Soft Cotton Boucle

Belmont – Irresistible Soft Cotton Boucle

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We have a big announcement!

A gorgeous new baby is being added to the Meridian Mill House family of exceptional yarns. It’s our 100% cotton Belmont boucle yarn. It’s perfect for knitting, crochet and weaving. And, by being both washer and dryer friendly, Belmont is ideal for babywear! That said, we aren’t suggesting that this yarn is only limited to little babes. The luxury of this yarn’s softness can and should be enjoyed for blankets, throws, accessories and apparel by all ages!

Meridian Mill House engineered Belmont for ultimate softness. The yarn was born in our hollow spindle department and the yarn’s feeling of clouds is made possible by the low angle of twist and the low overfeed we used. Hollow spindle spinning utilizes a core and wrap that create yarns with a boucle texture in the finished product. All our created yarns are made in our ring spinning and twisting department, except Lowell and Belmont. Lowell is also 100% cotton and was created for the commercial weaving industry.

The beauty of boucle yarns is the subtle slub effect that gives texture to your fabric or garment. The slub effect allows it to be forgiving in tension variances. The stability of the yarns is also higher than a traditional plied yarn. The core and wrap secure and stabilize the yarn so FROGS aren’t nearly as visible. The ease of this yarn is just another positive. It’s also economical.

We have Belmont available as natural in 100 gram skeins and cones. We also dyed 17 colors at our package dye facility in Valdese, North Carolina.

May I suggest Rust, Gold Saffron, and Burgundy as the perfect color combo for a snuggly autumn blanket or shawl? The color palette is available in our Etsy store but send us an email if you are interested in wholesale purchase. The dyed colors are available in one pound cones.

This past August, we brought a blanket woven from Belmont yarns to our booth at the Southern Comforts Fiber Market in Charlotte, NC. We displayed the dyed yarn at the booth and at first, people were mildly interested. But after we asked them to feel the blanket (which was made by Berea College),  they simply  couldn’t believe how soft it is! Their first words were, “come feel this!”

By the way, Berea College is an incredible program that allows students free tuition through their labor program. You can find their perfectly woven blanket, using custom-dyed Belmont yarns, available for purchase at their site.

Hannah Everhart

Sales Representative and Customer Service