New Yarn Shop for U.S. Hand-dyers Opens Online

by | Feb 12, 2020 | News

We’re so excited to welcome everybody to the Meridian Mill House Yarn shop. We’re looking forward to sharing news and showing you all of the goodies (yarns) we have to share with you! This Blog will be your go-to, online source for learning all about what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.

Two years ago, we decided to expand our dedication to the U.S. manufacturing and yarn market. One of our first goals was for our spinning mill (located in Ranlo, N.C.) to become a source to the local (U.S.) craft market by diversifying from a primarily acrylic fiber business and to become an expert in natural fiber craft yarns. We wanted to become the ideal supplier for yarn companies looking for U.S. spun yarns. 

A second goal was to make our new yarns easily accessible to medium and small businesses. A medium-sized yarn business tends to order quantities of custom yarns that may range from 500 to 5000+ pounds and can easily be accommodated in our mill. Smaller yarn companies, however, can rarely order in quantities that can reasonably be produced in a commercial spinning mill.

Solving this dilemma has led to the creation of our exciting Mill House Yarn Shop collection! Sourcing, designing and working with all of the natural fibers available here in the U.S. and from abroad has reinvigorated the creative juices of our staff at all levels of the mill. It has been inspiring to focus on just the texture, twist and hand of a yarn, independent of color. Keeping the fiber and it’s natural properties as the inspiration for our new yarns has led us to some wonderful new and exciting yarns.

Our inaugural collection of yarns includes yarns of U.S. Merino fiber from both the venerable:

 Chargeurs USA, Inc.

 and, a new entrant to the traceable wool market

Shaniko Wool Company ™ 

Both of these fibers are a terrific base for several of our strong, but really soft and very knit-able standard yarns. 

Some of our more luxurious yarns are blended with natural fibers sourced from around the word, including Mulberry Silk, Yak, Cashmere and Alpaca. 

And, we’re especially proud of the yarns we’re producing on some of our specialty twisting machines. Spencer Mountain and Blowing Rock are a tiny preview of coming attractions from our twisting department.

Come on by and take a look at our new Mill House Yarn Shop; Register as a customer when you are ready to shop; and, keep an eye out for new News posts about our products and everybody who works with us to make it all happen!

Hannah Everhart


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